Summary and Analysis Chapters 27 – 39

Tris finally decides that it is time for her to visit her brother Caleb and relay the message her mother has told her. Once she gets there, she has a short meeting with Caleb but is eventually dragged to an office. There, she meets Jeanine, the creator of the aptitude tests. The atmosphere is intense but eventually, she allows Tris to go back to the dauntless faction. On the next couple days, stage 3 begins. Stage 3 is a more advanced version of stage 2, with higher intensity compared to the stage 2 simulations. Tris does well in this simulation as well and surprises some of the leaders that are viewing the progress of the simulation. After everyone has completed stage 3, final rankings are posted and Tris came in first amongst all of the dauntless initiates. The dauntless government injects a new serum to everyone in the dauntless compound with an injection that makes all non-divergents into brain dead soldiers that kill all enemies at sight. Tris and Four, real name Tobias,  being divergents are not affected by it but they eventually get captured. However, Tris’ mother comes to rescue Tris and they manage to escape, leaving Tobias behind. Tris’ mother is severely injured trying to save Tris and her father ends up dead also sacarficing himself in order to protect Tris. Tris eventually reaches the control room and finds Tobias there under erudite and the dauntless government’s control. She fights hard to make him come back to his right mind and when he eventually does, he uses the computers to save all the mind controlled dauntless soldiers. After the big commotion is over, Tris, Tobias, Caleb, and Tris’ father board a train to Amity.


One of the major themes in the book “Divergent” has been choices. The book sets a very good example of how one choice that you make can significantly alter your life and how you have lived thus far. Beatrice’s choice of leaving her former faction and going into Dauntless has completely changed her whole life. If she had not chosen to go into the dauntless faction, she may have never been able to save the brain dead soldiers of dauntless. Choices are what people face in their daily lives and Veronica Roth displays how important each and every choice we make is.


The ending of the book was somewhat already assumed seeing how closely intimate Tobias and Tris were. There were some surprises as Tris’ family came into play in saving her and eventually resulting in Tris saving the whole dauntless faction. Her foreshadowing of Eric teaming up with the Erudites to form a rebellion was pretty obvious but  I think that it still gave a big “wow” and entertained me as much as I could possibly ask for from a book.


Summary and Analysis Chapters 14 – 26

The day Tris has been nervously waiting for has come, the visiting day. Although her mother came, it was not as normal of a visit as anticipated. Tris’ mother was a former dauntless and has known about Tris being a divergent. Furthermore, her mother has told her to meet Caleb and ask him to research about the stimulation serum (185-187). After a short while, new rankings are posted and the Edward being the first ranked gets stabbed in the eye by Peter whose been always aiming for the 1st ranked spot by all means. After this incident stage which is a monitored simulation where the initiates face their greatest fear and must escape it as fast as possible. Throughout the days in dauntless city, Tris meets a new friend, Uriah (208). He is the first ranked dauntless amongst the dauntless-borns who have been seperated from the dauntless transfers at the start. After Tris completes one of the stimulation tests, the results were unfortunately “too” good. She was one of the best amongst all the dauntless transfers so Four, her leader and an intimate friend, warns her and tries to keep her at low profile. Soon after, Four and Tris is in a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship. Four decides to take Tris to his fear landscape and Tris experiences all the horrid memories of Four.

Four is one of my favorite characters in the whole novel. He is very cold, charismatic, and very exciting to read about. Even though he came first in the dauntless ranked system, he decided to choose a low ranking job. One thing I love the most about him is that Eric, one of the 5 leaders in dauntless, can’t treat Four like a subordinate. Even though Eric is very arrogant and rough towards everyone, he treats Four as his rival because Eric came in 2nd during their dauntless ranked system. Furthermore, Four was named this way because of the fact that he has only 4 fears. In this book, having only 4 fears is basically unheard of and is something that should be respected.

In this part of the book, many conflicts arise between Tris and Peter. I like this on-going conflicts between the two because it keeps the book exciting throughout the book and keeps me wanting to read more and more. It was also interesting to finally meet the dauntless-borns who have been separated from the dauntless transfers the whole time. This also made the everlasting hatred from Peter to Tris worse because Peter knew that the dauntless-borns were better than him not to mention becoming friends with Tris.

Summary and Analysis Chapters 1 – 13

Everyone was divided into 5 different factions:  Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Beatrice, the protagonist,  was born an Abnegation but on a special day when one must choose a faction they want to stay in, she decided to leave her faction and live the life of a Dauntless (46-47). As soon as she joined the dauntless faction, she is noticed by everyone due to the fact that she is a former Abnegation, not to mention she was the first one to jump into a pit which is one of the tests that dauntless initiates must take. Along with re-naming herself as “Tris”, she makes some new friends:  Will, Albert and Christina; as well as some enemies: Peter and Molly. They are told that they must go through 3 stages of tests before they can officially be called a dauntless. They will be ranked as they go through each stage and the top ranked person is to choose whichever job he or she wants. Tris and her comrades help each other through the first stage, physical combat. Tris is ranked near the bottom but not low enough to be cut after the first stage ends.

I found the book “Divergent” to be very ironic. The term divergent in the book means that a person was not able to pass for just one faction but many. This proves that the divergents contain human like qualities unlike other people in the book who is focused on just one trait. Divergents are supposedly dangerous to the world in this book. However, the author of this book seems to be trying to relay a message to the audience that because humans are so dynamic, there are constantly arguments happening resulting in conflicts. I was surprised and never thought that human beings could be seen in this perspective.

I really liked how Veronica Roth used the idea of 5 factions and the term “divergent” in the story. It was interesting to see Beatrice and Caleb develop through the story and eventually leave their own faction for another. Seeing Beatrice develop into a completely different character as she lived the life of a Dauntless amused me quite a lot. I am not sure if i would have enjoyed this story as much if Beatrice chose not to go into the Dauntless faction because of the fact that there is constant action if you live a life of a Dauntless.