Summary and Analysis Chapters 14 – 26

The day Tris has been nervously waiting for has come, the visiting day. Although her mother came, it was not as normal of a visit as anticipated. Tris’ mother was a former dauntless and has known about Tris being a divergent. Furthermore, her mother has told her to meet Caleb and ask him to research about the stimulation serum (185-187). After a short while, new rankings are posted and the Edward being the first ranked gets stabbed in the eye by Peter whose been always aiming for the 1st ranked spot by all means. After this incident stage which is a monitored simulation where the initiates face their greatest fear and must escape it as fast as possible. Throughout the days in dauntless city, Tris meets a new friend, Uriah (208). He is the first ranked dauntless amongst the dauntless-borns who have been seperated from the dauntless transfers at the start. After Tris completes one of the stimulation tests, the results were unfortunately “too” good. She was one of the best amongst all the dauntless transfers so Four, her leader and an intimate friend, warns her and tries to keep her at low profile. Soon after, Four and Tris is in a boyfriend / girlfriend relationship. Four decides to take Tris to his fear landscape and Tris experiences all the horrid memories of Four.

Four is one of my favorite characters in the whole novel. He is very cold, charismatic, and very exciting to read about. Even though he came first in the dauntless ranked system, he decided to choose a low ranking job. One thing I love the most about him is that Eric, one of the 5 leaders in dauntless, can’t treat Four like a subordinate. Even though Eric is very arrogant and rough towards everyone, he treats Four as his rival because Eric came in 2nd during their dauntless ranked system. Furthermore, Four was named this way because of the fact that he has only 4 fears. In this book, having only 4 fears is basically unheard of and is something that should be respected.

In this part of the book, many conflicts arise between Tris and Peter. I like this on-going conflicts between the two because it keeps the book exciting throughout the book and keeps me wanting to read more and more. It was also interesting to finally meet the dauntless-borns who have been separated from the dauntless transfers the whole time. This also made the everlasting hatred from Peter to Tris worse because Peter knew that the dauntless-borns were better than him not to mention becoming friends with Tris.


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