Summary and Analysis Chapters 1 – 13

Everyone was divided into 5 different factions:  Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Beatrice, the protagonist,  was born an Abnegation but on a special day when one must choose a faction they want to stay in, she decided to leave her faction and live the life of a Dauntless (46-47). As soon as she joined the dauntless faction, she is noticed by everyone due to the fact that she is a former Abnegation, not to mention she was the first one to jump into a pit which is one of the tests that dauntless initiates must take. Along with re-naming herself as “Tris”, she makes some new friends:  Will, Albert and Christina; as well as some enemies: Peter and Molly. They are told that they must go through 3 stages of tests before they can officially be called a dauntless. They will be ranked as they go through each stage and the top ranked person is to choose whichever job he or she wants. Tris and her comrades help each other through the first stage, physical combat. Tris is ranked near the bottom but not low enough to be cut after the first stage ends.

I found the book “Divergent” to be very ironic. The term divergent in the book means that a person was not able to pass for just one faction but many. This proves that the divergents contain human like qualities unlike other people in the book who is focused on just one trait. Divergents are supposedly dangerous to the world in this book. However, the author of this book seems to be trying to relay a message to the audience that because humans are so dynamic, there are constantly arguments happening resulting in conflicts. I was surprised and never thought that human beings could be seen in this perspective.

I really liked how Veronica Roth used the idea of 5 factions and the term “divergent” in the story. It was interesting to see Beatrice and Caleb develop through the story and eventually leave their own faction for another. Seeing Beatrice develop into a completely different character as she lived the life of a Dauntless amused me quite a lot. I am not sure if i would have enjoyed this story as much if Beatrice chose not to go into the Dauntless faction because of the fact that there is constant action if you live a life of a Dauntless.


One comment on “Summary and Analysis Chapters 1 – 13

  1. parkpark54 says:

    I wonder why Beatrice decided to not stay in her own faction, Abnegation, and wanted to go to Dauntless. Is this book one of those who present the “ideal” humans as opposed to normal humans like in real life? if so, can you elaborate on that on your next entry? i would like to know more.

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